Monday, January 5, 2009

moka kadir roasting notes 2

12/31/08 roasted Moka Kadir blend. Was shooting for a lighter roast than last time. This blend roasts unevenly, but the majority of the beans are between full city and espresso. It's still a little darker than I wanted.

Outdoor temperature was 40 degrees. No wind. Starting bean temperature was about 60 degrees. Roasted two cups by volume; not sure about weight. Still need to get that kitchen scale.

Starting temperature was 525 degrees. Audible at 60 seconds, 350 degrees. First crack peaked at 290 seconds, 400 degrees. Removed at 360 seconds, 400 degrees. The low temperature was 325 degrees at 180 seconds. Air cooled in colander for three minutes. Final temperature was 120 degrees.

I'm not crazy about this chart format and will keep dinking with it. Probably I want something that directly relates time and temperature, with an indication of progression through the roast stages. It's also very awkward constructing these Google charts URLs by hand. I think I might write a little app to generate them.

Second crack was not audible. Removed while enough beans were in first crack to not be able to hear it, I guess. Any longer and the roast would definitely have been much darker than my target. Although the measured temperature stayed low, I was at the second notch on the gas control. This was a fairly small volume. There may have been a larger than usual differential between internal bean temp and vessel temp. Next time might try a lower flame.

Next time try to measure bean temp at termination.

Pulled two shots after about an hour. Grind wasn't quite fine enough. Tons of crema. Notable acidity and doesn't taste over-roasted. I'm getting the weirdest note of basil in the aftertaste. In fact, most of the interesting flavors seem to appear long after I've swallowed. It's not nearly as aggressive as the last time I tried it, which surprises me. I thought this slightly lighter roast would be more pungent while also showing a little more character.

01/01/2009 pulled two shots. I tightened the grind a notch to #18, and this time it took 50 seconds to produce three ounces. I may have tamped too hard, but I didn't think so. Weird. At any rate, it was very nice. The strange basil note I was detecting is gone. It opened with some bright acidity, mellows into a fruity, mouth filling warmth, and ends with a toasty flavor that to me is just the way the freshly ground beans smell. I'm not sure how to deconstruct it further at the moment. I really liked it.

Pulled two more shots later in the day using one notch looser grind. 27 seconds for three ounces, so just about right. Oddly enough, I'm getting that basil hint again! Perhaps my palate has changed since this morning, when I hadn't had anything to eat, or perhaps the time made a significant difference. I enjoyed it more this morning.

01/02/2009 brewed 5 cups in the Kona. Used grind #6 and 12 tablespoons of whole beans. Total brewing time was probably 7+ minutes. Coffee did not have a strong aroma. It's pretty smooth. Not much bitterness, some sweetness, and the same toasty finish I picked up in the second espresso shots. I like it quite a bit.

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