Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don De Dieu

Saw something new at Costco the other day and picked it up: A four 750ml bottle taster pack of Unibroue beers. I had never heard of Unibroue but the packaging and descriptions were interesting, and how you can not love the name of this Quebec brewery as heard by the English ear?

Tonight I tried the Don De Dieu, or Gift of God, a 9% ABV triple wheat ale, bottle refermented. It's not my favorite style, with a distracting spiciness (which I know is going to give me a headache later) (and I do like the coriander in a Belgian wit) but it's quite good. People who do appreciate the style seem to think very highly of it, judging from this Beer Advocate review page.

Although I would not buy this again, what I found fascinating was the runtime behavior: It pours with a monstrous white head and an absolutely transfixing massive display of tiny bubbles, almost like a hyperactive champagne. Out of purely academic interest I want to learn more about the factors that determine these traits, because no beer that I normally drink does this.

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