Monday, January 12, 2009

hot air popper roasting 2

Roasted one fourth cup instead of one half, with nothing else drawing power on the circuit. I also warmed up the popper for a few minutes before dropping the beans. The behavior was just about identical to the first experiment with respect to sound and smoke (or lack thereof) however it took just 10 minutes to achieve the same bean color.

Pulled two shots after about an hour. The ground coffee aroma is notably better than the 15 minute beans. I thought the flavor was somewhat better as well although it still has a trait that I noticed yesterday: a certain underdone quality. It's a bit like eating a roasted bean plain. It is certainly a little bit more nuanced than the 15 minute roast, but still nothing like the better stovetop roasts. The next thing to try is a stovetop roast to this same degree.

I pulled two shots of yesterday's roast. The underdone flavor has lessened, as has the bitter aftertaste. However, it is still very flat. From these two samples I think I now have a sense of the effect of the long, baking sort of roast.

If Ed is able to roast 3/4 cup in 5 to 7 minutes in a Poppery II then it appears that this Popcorn Pumper may be markedly less capable, although at a sample size of one I would hardly draw any conclusions about the two models. There could also be a voltage difference; I think the acceptable variation for house current can be as high as 20 or more volts. Maybe he'll engage in some poppery swappery for a night and we can compare.

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