Saturday, January 10, 2009

sourdough bread 3

For the third sourdough bread attempt I used the same techniques as the second attempt, and made one change: I added three tablespoons of wheat gluten to the dough.

Rising time was 13 hours. I made a round loaf rather than an oblong one. The dough was much stretchier than last time; the gluten seems to have a powerful effect. I'm not certain whether the volume differs much.

Baked covered for 20, uncovered for 20, checking it a couple of times. The internal temperature was 206, so a couple degrees higher than last time. I also tossed in an oven thermometer and was pleased to find that it was just about on the money at 495 degrees.

Oh my! It is excellent. Best yet, with a perfect combination of crunchy crust and soft, chewy interior. The boys loved it. I would still like a little more sourness, but I think the gluten is a winning addition. The air pockets are larger on average and with better uniformity.

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