Saturday, January 10, 2009

coffee pot ale, part 4

Today I bottled the coffee pot ale, not because I think it's any good but just for the sake of completeness. The gravity was down to 1.10 and the flavor was, to be charitable, weird. Not revolting, but not all that much like ale. No surprise there, all things considered. I used a teaspoon and a half of cane sugar and ended up with a one liter bottle and a 12 ounce bottle. All those Saaz hops have given it a very hoppy aroma but that iceberg is all tip. I made it a low-overhead operation and probably introduced more oxygen than is good, so perhaps I'll get to experience wet cardboard flavors.

I tried filtering using a paper cone coffee filter, but found that it slowed dramatically after just a few ounces. I don't think that would be a practical method. A gold filter caught hop particles, but not yeast, obviously. It is quite murky.

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