Thursday, January 1, 2009

second sourdough bread attempt

For the second try I did a few things differently than the first time:
  • Did not double the recipe.
  • Used a round casserole sprayed with nonstick spray for rising.
  • Allowed to rise overnight at room temperature (probably 70 degrees, down to 60, back up to 70).
Rising time was about 13 hours. No skin this time. Popped right out onto a floured cutting board. I was able to quite easily fold it over from all four sides. The dough was far more manageable than the last time and felt wonderfully soft and smooth. I easily made a symmetrical loaf. The dough is clearly much less dense than last time.

Baked covered at 500 for 20 minutes, uncovered for 17. I took it out because the edges were blackening. The internal temperature was 204 degrees.

It makes crackling noises as it cools. I let it cool completely this time before cutting. The crust is great, and would be fine even if it were a little crunchier. The texture is light and soft, and much more elastic than the first loaf. The flavor is good, but I wouldn't mind more sourness. It was very well received by all testers (Tracey, Nathaniel, Isaac, Dan, Sandy).

These results were far better than the first time. Every change was a good one, I think. I could go for a little more flavor. It may be that the starter wasn't quite at full potency. I stored it in the refrigerator for the first time, and fed it only once before using it in the bread. That may be something to experiment with.

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