Friday, August 14, 2009

marrow bones with basil and chive gremolata

I don't think I've had beef marrow more than once or twice since I was a kid. I bought four marrow bones the other day and roasted them tonight after reading this Chowhound thread.

I swept through the greenhouse and noticed that I had some spicy globe basil that needed pinching back so nabbed some of that along with chives and parsley. This made for something gremolata-like when combined with minced garlic, sea salt, cracked pepper, and lemon zest and juice.

I roasted the bones at 350 degrees for 24 minutes then ate the marrow on toasted whole wheat bread with the gremolata. Wow! Rich and delicious, and perfectly balanced by the citrusy zing. The slight sweetness of the whole wheat was excellent. I found myself utterly sated well before it was gone, which I have to say is unusual.

Definitely something to continue exploring.