Saturday, January 10, 2009

moka kadir roasting notes 3

1/10/2009 roasted Moka Kadir blend. I needed coffee, of course, but this roast was also about refining my data collection methods. It ended up being darker than I wanted but I think I learned some things. Recording times on paper while watching a timer worked OK. Forgot to get a bean temperature at removal and the thermometer is too slow for an ideal measurement anyhow.

Outdoor temperature was 46 degrees and it was a bit breezy. Because of the wind I had to use a higher flame to get up to temperature, despite the shroud. I kept it high, around notch 3, and it had a dramatic effect on temperature range and roasting speed. Starting bean temperature was 76 degrees. Roasted two cups.


First crack started at about 120 and was peaking around 240 seconds. I think that second crack and first crack overlapped, with second starting at perhaps 240. There was no clear transition. The roast ended up being pretty solidly in French territory, without any surface oil. Some beans are beyond that, and there are far fewer lighter beans than in the previous roast.

Pulled two shots after 90 minutes with proper timing and quantity. The ground coffee smells great but the flavor is well over-roasted for me. The acidity and bright notes are not present; in fact, almost all interesting traits have been eliminated. I don't think this will be good for anything but milk drinks.

These beans should have been removed much earlier. I should experiment with the differences between a short hot roast and a slower cooler roast. And with the Moka Kadir blend I still want to try a significantly lighter roast than I have achieved so far.

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