Wednesday, December 10, 2008

moka kadir roasting notes

12/7/08 roasted Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir blend. It is a blend of dry-processed Yemeni, Sidamo, and Ghimbi coffees. Checked it for rocks and dirt as recommended and found none, although there were a few broken beans.

Roasted about a pound to an espresso roast using the stovetop popper on a gas burner. First crack continues for a long time, with some beans well into second crack while others are at first. This is a known characteristic. The roasting smoke is not highly aromatic or dense, comparatively. Water and air cooled in a colander fairly quickly. Outdoor temperature was 50 degrees, no wind. Starting temperature was 550. Low temperature was about 340. Did not time.

Pulled two double shots immediately. Thick, dark crema. Very bold, but without many of the expected aromatics. Resting this blend for 2 or 3 days is recommended.

12/8/08 pulled double shots. It really claws its way across the palate and down the throat.

12/9/08 pulled double shots. Has mellowed a bit, but still is pretty aggressively mouth-filling and pungent.

12/10/08 pulled double shots; it has now been three days. Mellower still and more drinkable. Tried straight and in a cappuccino (1%). This is probably my least favorite of the Sweet Marias blends I've had in any quantity.

Other notes:
  • Try brewing some instead. This blend wasn't designed for espresso only.
  • Might also try a slightly lighter roast next time to see whether some of the expected characteristics are more evident.
Update: Brewed a pot in the Bodum Kona. Used a medium grind (dot #9 from coarsest on the Solis; next time try a notch or two coarser). So-so. Should still try a lighter roast.

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