Wednesday, December 24, 2008

second brew (red ale), part 6

Measured the gravity again and it's unchanged from the last measurement four days ago, at about 1.018. I think that means it could be bottled any time. Good, clean, bright flavors, and as dry as I'd expect. Clarity is very good so it does appear that the yeast has fully settled out.

That gravity does seem a little high. If the fermentation is stuck it's not because of low temperature or temperature change; it has been steady at about 67 degrees. I guess the yeast could be weak or under-pitched, but it wasn't an especially high original gravity and it did fine for quite a while. I'm reluctant to add more yeast at this point, though I guess I could try that. Palmer identifies a third cause as using an extract with low attenuation. Not sure how I'd know if that's the issue, but if it is it's not really a problem, just a fact.

Assuming this is the final gravity and that my original gravity reading was accurate (that's a stretch) the ABV would be about 4%.

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