Friday, May 29, 2009

seared ahi on cast iron

I haven't been cooking on cast iron much lately. My big dutch oven is seasoned pretty well but it's so unwieldy that I don't use it casually. I have a smaller frying pan that I finally seasoned decently this year but haven't used since. I figured I'd pan-sear some ahi.

It was decent quality, though certainly not sashimi grade. I coated each piece with sesame oil then salt, pepper, and black sesame seeds. The pan worked beautifully and I got better results than the last time I did this in a stainless steel All-Clad. The heat retention let me fill the pan completely and get just as good a sear on the second side as the first.

I took it a touch beyond what I wanted. Next time I think I need bit more heat and a bit less time. A slightly crispier exterior and slightly rarer interior would be good. Overall, not at all bad, though, and the pan wiped clean as a whistle.

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