Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fifth brew (light ale), part 3

To my great surprise, the krausen atop the light ale has not dropped and the gravity remains unchanged from six days ago at about 1.010. It's just as cloudy, too. I don't know if my palate is functioning differently than when I last tasted it, but tonight it seems sharply bitter again. It tastes almost like grapefruit juice! That citrus flavor would be from the Centennial and Cascade hops. The other beers that used these hops must have had stronger flavors that masked it.

I'm wondering whether the low gravity of this wort means that the yeast was effectively overpitched and underfed, leading to a stall. 1.031 to 1.010 seems like very low attenuation. I'll have to do some research. I gave the fermenter a bit of a sloshing; we'll see if that gets anything going again. It did knock the krausen down.

Update: By the next morning the airlock was bubbling again. It still is, 24 hours later, although it has slowed down to less than two per minute.

Update 2: It's still going as of Sunday morning. There was still plenty of yeasty gorging to be done, evidently.

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