Sunday, May 3, 2009

first sprouts in the greenhouse

The boys planted red and white radishes outside on 4/26 and I planted red radishes in the greenhouse the same day. Theirs have come up in the last couple of days and mine were up today.

No photo, but I spotted nearly-microscopic basil sprouts this afternoon, too.

The chives I divided and moved into the greenhouse are doing well. The cat chewed on them the other day during his first greenhouse visit. I used some in omelets this morning just to make sure he wouldn't be the only consumer.

The heliotrope looks good. Smells good too, but until it's a lot larger I don't think it will be noticeable unless you stick your snout in it.

No problem with the dill.

I've been tapping the tomato flowers every day to pollinate them. Won't be many bees in the greenhouse.

The curly parsley is going great guns. I need to plant Italian parsley too.

This gerbera daisy has been very happy.

I've never had a ranunculus before. This one is flowering profusely but the blooms don't last very long. I don't know if that's typical.

The strawberries are just beginning to leaf out. It's not clear yet whether there's a difference between the indoor and outdoor plants.

The indoor peppers are doing OK but it does seem like the outdoor ones are growing better. It's pretty early to draw that conclusion yet, though.

The pot of mint I brought indoors has gone berserk. I'm sure it will be tall and ugly before long. Great to have for making mojitos, though!

Hanging pots of geraniums are doing nicely. Growth is visible just about every day.

The oregano seems happy, too. I wasn't sure that it would like the humidity. I might need to start pinching it back before long.

I haven't had marigolds for a long time. I think they are pretty sturdy and will do fine indoors.

It still seems a little bare. Many squares are unplanted, many more have unsprouted seeds, and of course nothing's very large yet. I hung nylon trellis nets for the tomatoes and cucumbers.

I hope there will be a lot more action in the next week. I'm very interested to see how the greenhouse cucumbers will do.

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