Sunday, May 31, 2009

fifth brew (light ale), part 4

I at long last bottled the light ale today. The gravity was essentially unchanged, still hanging out at about 1.010. If my measurements were accurate then that's an attenuation of [(1.031 - 1.010) / .031] * 100, or 68%. That's lower than the expected 73 - 77%. I wonder why, and I particularly wonder why there was no change even with all the additional activity after May 13.

I picked up a case of clear EZ-cap bottles. I like those a lot, and I don't think I'll have a problem with using them since I always have the full bottles in one dark location or another. It's nice to see the color and clarity in the bottle. I'll probably get another dozen or two.

The beer has remained a bit cloudy, not unexpectedly.

Flavor has mellowed a bit, and still has a pretty good bitter bite. I think it's going to be quite good once carbonated and chilled and consumed on a hot day. Between this and the witbier I'm building up some tasty summer stock.

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