Monday, May 4, 2009

hop rhizomes on the way

While searching for hop rhizomes to plant this year I discovered a couple of things. First, it's pretty late to be buying them in March. Many sellers offer them in February and are already sold out. Second, it is not legal to import them into the state of Washington because of disease concerns. So that further limits me to in-state sellers. I was having trouble finding one, but Dave Wills at Freshops in Oregon very kindly pointed me to Hopunion and Puterbaugh Farms (aka Hops Direct).

Puterbaugh was sold out for the year, but Hopunion had a few. I left a message for Debbie who returned my call immediately and was extremely helpful. So, I'm now waiting for two each of Cascade, Centennial, Fuggle, and Golding rhizomes to arrive, for what seems to me to be the ridiculously low price of $2.90 apiece! They also still had Hallertau and Tettnanger, but I think I'm less likely to use those.

Oh, I'm very excited!

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