Friday, July 17, 2009

sixth brew (goldenflower ale), part 2

By the morning of the 17th there was no more airlock action from the goldenflower ale. I figured I'd rack to a secondary for dry-hopping with a half ounce of Fuggles. Having done so, I now think it was a stupid thing to do. I was thinking that attenuation was complete and that I'd leave most of the yeast behind, ending up with a clearer final product. Halfway through the transfer I took a sample and measured the gravity at about 1.023. I then decided I'd better make sure to move as much yeast as possible into the secondary after all. So the net result of the whole operation is that I have a bunch of equipment that needs cleaning and a batch of beer that has had one more chance to pick up something unwanted.

I really should have waited for the krausen to disappear, but after my last batch with this American Ale yeast I didn't think it would happen. Impatient and stupid. I guess I'll let it dry-hop for at least several days and take another reading. Bah.

The Fuggles are pellets at 4% AA. I put them in a hop-boiling bag, which I hope will contain most of the goo. I'm probably not going to be in the mood to rack to another bottling bucket so will likely do it right from the secondary.

As for flavor, it is very sweet and the honey is strong. There is some bitterness, although I'm not sure I can isolate the hop contribution from the yeast, and no hop aroma. I didn't detect it when it was at room temperature, but after chilling there seemed to be a bit of phenolic flavor.

It began bubbling again almost immediately.

2009-07-20 update: It blew bubbles for a day and then stopped. As with the previous light ale, it still has a big layer of krausen. I'll give it a couple more days and check the gravity.

2009-07-24 update: Krausen dropped and gravity is 1.010. The sweetness has diminished greatly. Hint of honey still there. Phenolic flavor definitely present. Despite the dry hopping, no hop aroma. It doesn't do much for me at this point. I guess I can bottle any time.

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