Wednesday, July 29, 2009

greenhouse update

Things seem to be going pretty well in the greenhouse. I have quite a few idle squares and need to look into appropriate plantings.

Some of the beet roots are big enough to eat now. The basil has done well with some pinching. I think it would work to put four per square. The green onions seem very slow. The romaine has done well considering the heat.

The lemon cucumber was started from seed and has really taken off lately. It has fruit on it. I don't think I'm supposed to have it in the greenhouse with another cucumber, but they are far apart so I guess I'll take my chances. If either one starts producing something horribly mutated I guess I'll know why. This one has done far better than the one I put on the deck.

The chrysanthemum was flowering when I put it in, finished, and started again a few weeks ago. I need to get the parsnips into a permanent home. Planted more carrots, green onions, and leeks several weeks ago. Next time I should put the tomatoes behind the netting. The strawberries never did well, and most died both indoors and out. I am really displeased with that supplier.

The peppers are doing well aside from a recent blossom die-off. I think it was water stress.

I brought these strawberries indoors recently and they have been really happy. They are more vigorous than the ones I left outside. I've been picking a few now and then but until I brought them in the berries were always eaten by critters. Maybe starting them outside and bringing them in is a good approach, although I did think it would be too warm.

After fertilizing and watering more frequently it looks like the blossom end rot may not be affecting more tomatoes. We'll see.

It was already over 90 degrees outside when I took this photo so the chard is wilted, but it has been doing great. The greenhouse cucumbers have taken off and are setting fruit.


This beefsteak tomato broke in half a few weeks ago, I think from wind when both doors were open. I splinted and wrapped it and it is surviving so far.

The aphids went to town on this eggplant but it seems healthy enough.

These pots dry out completely in a single hot day.

 Next time I plant nasturtiums I'll have to give them something better to climb. They seem to do it well.

Compare to the greenhouse update from four weeks ago.

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