Wednesday, July 29, 2009

edible flowers

My mom sent this list of edible flowers that she clipped from a magazine years ago:

Begonia, tuberousorange, pink, red, yellow, whitelemon
Borageblue, lavendercucumber
Calendulaorange, yellowspicy, pepper
Carnationlavender, pink, redpepper, cloves
Chrysanthemummany colorsfaint to distinct bitterness
Daisy, Englishpastels, whitetangy lettuce
Dianthusmany colorscloves
Fuchsiamany colorstart
Geraniumpink, peach, red, whitediffers with variety
Hollyhocklavender, pink, red, whitemild lettuce
Johnny-jump-uppurple, white, yellowmild lettuce
Lavenderpurplefloral, pungent
Marigoldorange, yellowspicy, mildly bitter
Nasturtiumorange, red, yellowhorseradish
Pansymany colorssweet, mild
Rosemany colorsfloral, delicate
Rosemarylight bluepine resin
Sagemany colorssage, differs with variety
Squash blossomyellowfaintly sweet, mild lettuce
Stockpink, purple, white, yellowspicy, sweet
Thymepurple, whitethyme
Violamany colorsmild lettuce

I just wandered outside and tried:
  • Chrysanthemum, purple, which was indeed bitter. It also had an interesting chloroform flavor and slightly numbed my tongue.
  • Dianthus, and didn't really detect a clove flavor. Bitter, mostly. Perhaps it's old; certainly it's baked after today's 102 degree heat. There was something more than bitterness present, to be sure.
  • Fuchsia, which is both tart and somewhat bitter.
  • Geranium, a dark pink zonal and a bright pink ivy. Quite tart.
  • Marigold, which I thought was more than mildly bitter. I ate it after the chrysanthemum, though, with a decidedly prejudiced palate.
  • Nasturtium, which is sweet as well as spicy. The stems are delicious.
  • Rose, species unknown. Small open blossoms, not big ruffly ones. Surprisingly tart and not delicate. I've had others that fit the description better. 
  • Squash, yellow zucchini. Lettuce is a good description.
I'll have to wait on rosemary and thyme. Earlier in the season I had radish, lettuce, and bok choi flowers, all of which are good.

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