Monday, July 20, 2009

bolted green salad

I figured I should make what use I could of some greens that had bolted or were on the verge. That included bok choi, spinach, bibb lettuce, and something from a mesclun mix that I can't identify. The unknown green had a bit of heat. For some additional zip I added shredded basil, nasturtium blossoms, and bok choi flowers. A few fuchsia petals finished it off. 100% home grown!

I made a vinaigrette with fresh thyme and a peach vinegar. Quite a good salad. I love nasturtiums and they contributed greatly to the overall effect.


Carol Peterman said...

I have such a problem keeping up with my cilantro that is always ready to bolt, and it was Pim, on her blog Chez Pim, that mentioned eating cilantro flowers. I had to laugh that I had never thought of that. They are good and really pretty in a salad. Your salad is gorgeous! I have eaten nasturtium, but didn't know fuchsia was an edible.

Steve Poole said...

Thanks! I got a list of edible flowers from my mom. I'll have to post it.

The fuchsia was lightly tart with a hint of bitterness.