Wednesday, July 1, 2009

greenhouse update

I'm still getting a feel for what works in the greenhouse and what doesn't. It's pretty clear that a number of plants would like more light. I think once I install the permanent glazing, and get closer to 90% transmission, much of that problem will be addressed. There are some areas that do get less light, so I also need to make sure that plants with the highest light requirements don't go there. The nasturtiums in the chimney corner are extremely leggy, for example.

I'm very pleased with the tomatoes. The first cherry tomatoes are showing some color (photos from 6/29) and all varieties are flowering and producing well. I've been tapping the flowers every day or two for pollination.

I lost a few peppers both indoors and out but the survivors are becoming robust and setting fruit.

The Tall Telegraph greenhouse cucumbers are beginning to accelerate. They took a very long time to get started. This is one of the darker areas of the greenhouse because of a shadow from the balcony. It may turn out that cucumbers are a bad choice for this spot.

This Japanese eggplant start is doing nicely. In the last couple of days it has grown noticeably and has at least one fruit. It was a purchased start; there are lots of others that I planted from seed that are still small.

I have lots of bok choi in various locations. They are all doing about the same, and some are beginning to flower.

Swiss chard is a little wilted in the heat here, but it perks back up when it cools and is growing rapidly.

Beets are very vigorous. I haven't checked a root yet, but the greens look great.

All geraniums are happy.

This little fuchsia is beginning to produce nicely, too.

In general the lettuces I've planted seem to think it's too hot. The romaine might be doing OK, but the mesclun is very sparse. Bibbs might be doing OK too. The supposedly heat-tolerant spinach is growing slowly but at least it hasn't bolted.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased. I'm sure that I should have waited longer to buy peppers, and of course I should grow greens mainly in the cool months. Cilantro has been a total bust, usually sprouting but dying at a small size. Outdoors it has done better. Lots of basil hasn't even germinated, and what has is growing unbelievably slowly. Leeks haven't done very well either indoors, but the he-shi-ko green onions have.

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