Sunday, March 15, 2009

grubtrotting: Philippines

We decided a while back that the Philippines would be our next grubtrotting destination. Germany and Australia were also proposed. Since then we've been very busy on weekends but things are at last settling down a bit so I'd better get busy with the planning.

As for references, I do not have any relevant cookbooks at the moment. I have seen The Philippine Cookbook cited a few times. The first Amazon review is very informative, though, and leads one to the more recent and authentic Filipino Cuisine: Recipes from the Islands.

The parents of Nathaniel's gymnastics coach were born in the Philippines. Jeramie told me that he eats Filipino food prepared by his grandmother every day, so he may be a convenient source of expertise. I also got a list of popular dishes from a former co-worker of Filipino heritage (How the Flips do it, she called it). And, Seattle has a handful of Filipino restaurants that I could visit.

The interwebulator will no doubt provide most of the information. Here's a collection of likely sources, based on an initial shallow twisting of the dials:
There's no shortage of Asian markets around here. I don't expect it to be difficult to find ingredients or prepared items. Should be fun!

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