Friday, March 20, 2009

fourth brew (Belgian witbier), part 2

Over 52 hours after pitching the yeast into the Belgian witbier there are no signs of active fermentation. Drat. All these things seem to be right:
  • big fat puffy yeast smack-pack, smacked 3+ hours before pitching
  • proper wort pitching temperature
  • expected original gravity
  • good ambient temperature (70)
  • everything cleaned and sanitized
  • aerated water and wort
The only thing I can think of that could be wrong is that I did not stir or otherwise agitate the fermenter after pitching the yeast. I pulled the stopper and saw that there was a nice foamy layer of krausen, but there is just no detectable CO2 production at all. Is it possible that the yeast stayed atop the wort and has set up shop in just a very thin layer, and that CO2 is being absorbed? I decided that I'd give it a good stir to see what might happen, so I boiled a long-handled stainless spoon and flailed it around in the bucket for a bit. Now I suppose there's an increased chance of infection, but it's all moot without fermentation.

If nothing has happened by tomorrow afternoon then I guess I'll pick up another pack of the Wyeast Belgian wit and pitch again. How annoying.

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