Saturday, March 28, 2009

Belgian witbier tasting notes 2

I picked up a few more Belgian witbiers at Big Star Beers the other day, continuing my survey of bottled wits. It was my first time there. Although the cashier was helpful (and very busy) the store's organization is not ideal for this particular quest. A list of what they have in stock would be useful for someone who is trying to track things down by style rather than country of origin or random principle that I did not quite grok. Of note, they did not carry Celis White, but the store's premise is that they while they carry 1000 beers they will also track things down for you. I should test that.

So far of these I've tried:
The Deschutes wit is fairly clear and very subtly flavored. I'm not sure it's a great example of the style. On the other hand, there are some examples that are so overbearingly spiced that they are unpleasant. I'll take this over those. I don't think this is bottle-conditioned. The head is comprised of fairly large bubbles and dies quickly. Certainly a worthy session beer.

The Ommegang is much less subtle and extremely hazy, with a towering but not long-lasting head. Very good. It's bottle-conditioned, and the label instructions are to avoid picking up the yeast, unlike many others. I wonder what leads to the various recommendations.

The White Rascal is bottle-conditioned and nearly opaque. Yeast consumption is advised. It has a more persistent head and assertive spice flavors. I'd say it's right in the sweet spot of the style for my taste.

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