Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a square foot garden and a greenhouse

I grew up in a serious gardening family and always had my own summer garden. I think I was about 10 the year in which I grew so many pumpkins that I sold them to a local natural food store. Sadly, I have grown very little food, other than herbs, since my childhood. In the last few years I've toyed with tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes, but not all that seriously or successfully. This year I'm finally making a credible attempt at growing a lot more of what I want to put on the table.

As preparation for this undertaking I've absorbed quite a bit of information from several gardening and greenhouse books:
The first three books were particularly useful. I decided to follow the square foot method, and to use a greenhouse to extend the season for summer crops (I will harvest ripe tomatoes some day!) and permit four season production of others.

I'm going to track my gardening efforts here as an element of the cooking theme. I may take a stab at growing some hops for brewing, too. Coffee production is probably out of the question, though!

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