Saturday, April 4, 2009

sourdough bread 9

This was a straightforward implementation of the no-knead 1-2-3 method with a 12 hour rise. The only modifications were that I slashed a large X on the loaf and baked it on parchment paper in the dutch oven.

It hit an internal temperature of 207 at 18 minutes into the uncovered phase so I pulled it.

I was very pleased with the top crust, but the bottom was a touch overdone in the center despite the dutch oven being on the middle rack. It's not a serious problem; fixing it would be a slight but welcome improvement.

It ended up a bit squat and more dense than I thought I wanted. However, it tastes great and the crumb is soft, moist, and chewy. Considering what I think is one of the better crusts I've produced, I like it very much overall.

So, is it the slashing that improved the crust? I'll try it again. I guess I like the idea of the loaf ending up a little taller, but I wouldn't want to alter the other characteristics much to get it. Things to try:
  • a smaller dutch oven rather than the very large Lodge
  • a second rise after forming the loaf

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