Sunday, February 1, 2009

sourdough bread 6

I reverted to the method of the third sourdough bread attempt for the sixth. I used a generous cup of starter because of the additional dry ingredient of the gluten. I was careful to thoroughly mix the salt and gluten into the liquid before adding the flour; the first time I used gluten I'm not sure it was well distributed. It was a manageable dough and rose very well, but seemed to lose a lot of its volume by the time I had folded it into a loaf.

The oven and dutch oven were adequately pre-heated. It baked at 20 covered and 18 uncovered; I removed it because I thought the crust was as dark as I wanted, however, internal temperature was only 191. The air pockets were very evenly sized and distributed, in contrast to the second and third, and the loaf was generally a little more dense. It was definitely a little more moist and perhaps just needed more time. I preferred the internal irregularity of the third loaf. And I'd still like more sourness.

I think I need to try baking a little longer and see what the effect is. And I should also try a more complex and time-consuming recipe, with all of the kneading and multiple rises.

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