Tuesday, December 15, 2009

auriferous espresso in the Poppery II

I tried five ounces of Sweet Maria's Auriferous Espresso blend in the Poppery II. This was an amount that I thought would work well, based on the first attempt at four and the second attempt at six ounces.

I let the popper preheat for a few minutes, and gave it a shake now and then during the early going since it was not fluidizing. The beans in this blend are generally larger than the beans in Moka Kadir; perhaps that's a factor. At ten minutes I pulled the plug, with it very audibly in second crack. Color is even. Final weight was 4.13 ounces.

There was enough smoke to set off the alarm, even though I was running the fan on the range hood. That did not happen last time; I was surprised.

After a couple of days rest, I'm pretty pleased. It's a touch dark but I don't detect any other flaws. I think I'm ready (on a day with slightly less revolting weather) to do some head-to-head comparisons between the Poppery II and the stovetop popper.

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