Monday, June 22, 2009

white radish check

All of the radishes, indoors and out, have magnificent foliage. I wanted to check the meaningful progress, meaning the edible portion, so I pulled a white one in the greenhouse. Hmm. No radish.

The Greenhouse Gardener's Companion notes that radishes like moist, friable soil (check) but cool temperatures, and that a common problem is producing all tops and no edible radish. I seem to have that in abundance. The causes are prolonged warm temperatures (45 - 50 degrees F at night is optimal) or too much manure or nitrogen. We did have a hot spell a couple of weeks ago, but I don't know if it was too much. I wouldn't think that it would be a problem outdoors, compared to in the greenhouse; I'll have to have one of the boys wrench out one of his to compare. Perhaps my interpretation Mel's mix is not idea for radishes.

They are actually beginning to flower now, too. I do think something has gone awry. Bummer.

Update: All six radish squares, indoors and out, white and red, behaved like this. I lean toward it being a soil problem.


Jane S Poole said...

If they're flowering, they bolted in that hot spell. Happens to my spinach every year.

Steve Poole said...

Well, they did begin to flower, but not until well after they became immense. Can just a week of heat even when they are small flip the switch like that? I guess so, now that I think about it.