Tuesday, June 16, 2009

grape arbor

After building the grape arbor it was immediately apparent that two enthusiastic young soccer players would be unable to see it as anything but a goal. This was delaying the planting of the grape vines, so I added a couple of posts and a net.

The net was from Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply. What a fantastic store! They do a good business in sports nets, apparently, in addition to selling terrifying large fish hooks and just about everything else you can imagine for life at sea. I went to the store rather than ordering online, and found the service to be fantastic, even for a $20 custom-cut piece of net. Great place, and prices that are way better than any other soccer net supplier I've seen.

I had to go up to the Cenex farm supply store in Everett to find posts like this. If I go back I'll get two more of the smaller diameter posts to replace the 2x4s. I wish I could have found some heavy round posts in a 12 foot length for the horizontal members instead of using the 2x8 beams. I didn't want the arbor to have another set of posts at the time, but now I think I'd do it differently, with six posts and round main beams. Oh well.

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